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RG6/U Tri-Shield
RG6/U Tri shield cable, 18AWG copper or CCS inner conductor, low attenuation low signal loss, high return loss.
1. Inner Conductor: 1.024mm (18AWG) Copper / CCS
2. Shield: Foil + 60%-95% Braid
3. Application: CATV,MATV,VSAT,Offair,DBS
Product Description
 Data Sheet

RG6U Tri Shield CATV coaxial cable, swept test up to 3.0GHz, solid 18AWG center coductor,   with Foam Polyethlene dielectric, more than 110% coverage Bonded Aluminum Foil shield,

norminal 60% Aluminum wires braid, and 2nd Aluminum foil shield, norminal 7.06mm weather 

resistant PVC outer Jacket. 

Application:    residential and commercial antenna, cable television, satellite installation


Norminal RG6 Tri-shield construction:

Central Conductor:    1.02mm Bare Copper / CCS
Insulation:                    4.57mm Foam PE
1st Shield (Foil):         Bonded Aluminum Foil >110% coverage
2md Shield (Braid):    40% - 95% Aluminum wires

3rd Shield (Foil):         Unbonded Aluminum Foil >110% coverage
Jacket:                         7.06+/-0.10 mm

Package:         any length in coil / roll / reel / box / carton

Remarks:         1. Construction changeable upon specific requirements

                          2. OEM available (your reference on cable & package)

Norminal Capatance:        52+/-2 pF/m
Norminal Impedance:        75+/-3 Ohm
Velocity of Propagation:    85%


Certificates:      CE, RoHS, ETL, (UL)

                details please see data sheet.

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