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RG7 Series
RG7 series Dual/Tri/Quad shield cable, 16AWG copper or CCS conductor, 110% Foil plus 60% mesh, low attenuation, high return loss.
1. Inner Conductor: 1.3mm (16AWG) Copper / CCS
2. Shield: Foil + Braid
3. Application: CATV, MATV, VSAT, ..
Product Description
 Data Sheet

RG7/U series CATV Coaxial cable, swept test up to 3.0 GHz, solid 16 AWG BC/ CCS center conductor, 

with Foam Polyethlene dielectric, more than 110% coverage bonded Aluminum foil shield, norminal 

60% Aluminum wires braid, weather resistant PVC outer Jacket. 

Application:   residential and commercial antenna, cable television, satellite installation 

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